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Ask us about straightening your teeth with invisalign®. The world's most recognisable clear aligner system

Step 1

With Invisalign® treatment, we will take fast and precise 3D digital scans of your teeth, and work with you to map out a custom treatment plan that you are happy with.

Step 2

Once you're happy with your treatment plan, you're now ready to start your Invisalign® treatment journey

Invisalign® clear aligners are made with flexible material, and laser-trimmed to the gum line for greater comfort during your treatment.

Step 3

You’ll have check-ups roughly every 6-8 weeks to check on your progress and collect your next set of aligners

Your Invisalign® aligners are virtually transparent and easy to take out, so you can eat and brush your teeth as normal, and with fewer compromises. Don't forget, you'll need to wear your Invisalign® aligners for 22 hours a day to ensure your treatment stays on track

Step 4

Once orthodontic treatment ends, teeth can have a tendency to move again, so it's important to keep them in place for long lasting results.

Retainers will be made for you and must be worn nightly for some time to ensure those fantastic 'after' photos continue to be a reality.

We will still be here to support you long after your treatment is complete 

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